I look at every piece of furniture and every object as an individual sculpture.Kelly Wearstler
  • pine beetle
  • ‘Kuni’ is Swahili for wood. So, that’s what we do – we build ‘wood’ furniture! At Kuni Furniture, we believe, like us, each tree has a story. Stories made up of trials and storms, rains and droughts, and summers and winters. These changes build character within us and make for the most interesting stories. In wood, trials show up in the burls, unexpected directions as knots and seasons and droughts create enjoyable grain patterns.
  • When our industry over-processes wood so that only the straightest grains remain, we waste good wood and censor the stories! Therefore, what others consider a ‘defect’, we embrace, celebrate and highlight! We want you to enjoy the story of each tree. When we build your furniture, we carefully cast each board to add depth, intrigue and interest to the story.
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