Kuni Furniture desires your satisfaction with our fine furniture AND the process of creating your unique piece. In this document, we hope to identify our policies with respect to the process. We desire that we understand and agree upon the expectations so that you can have an enjoyable purchasing experience. So here’s some of our fine print.

Kuni Furniture strives to accurately reflect the distinct character of trees that make up each table. Therefore, even identical products will have individual personalities similar to siblings. These differences usually cause slight variations in our processes in order for the best furniture to emerge. Just like in the forest, flexibility is essential.


At Kuni Furniture, we believe that like our lives each tree has a story. Often our trials and storms build the greatest strength and character within us and make for the most interesting stories, so it is with trees. These stories show up in the burls, knots and un-uniform grain patterns. We believe that to over-process the wood is extremely wasteful and denies the inherent individuality of each tree. Therefore, what others would consider a ‘defect’ or blemish, we embrace, celebrate and highlight!

When these differences remain, be assured that Kuni Furniture has determined that they do not compromise function and structural integrity. We are not trying to build wasteful cookie-cutter tables. We want each table to be beautiful because of its uniqueness.

Here are some facts about all solid wood furniture pieces:
-Wood by nature will continue to wood and its cracks, knots etc.
-Wood can change in color due to exposure to light, oxygen and changes in environment.
-All woods expand and contract with temperature, age and humidity to varying degrees depending upon species, climate, the tree’s growth rates and many other factors.
-Kuni Furniture’s designs always takes this into consideration when we choose our lumber partners.

To help ensure the highest value, Kuni Furniture does not carry inventory. We are a make-to-order manufacturer. Therefore, we do not begin your project until the appropriate payment has been made. This includes any custom design work or modifications. Online orders require payment in full prior to production. There is a bit more flexibility with our custom orders, Kuni Furniture requires a 60% deposit prior to material procurement, custom design or other work. Delays in payment may adversely affect the originally quoted lead times due to shop, vendor or material availability.


Once Kuni has received your signed Order Contract and deposit, then any change must be acknowledged by Kuni Furniture in writing via change order. Before proceeding, the change order must be signed by you and payment received (if necessary).

This signals your acceptance of any additional charges, design changes or changes to the schedule. Changes to pricing are likely when adjustments to specifications and quantities occur.

In the event of an order cancellation, we will reasonably assess the cancellation charges, if any. We do this project-by-project.


Because we use solid woods, Kuni Furniture perform best when the ambient hygrometry stays within 35-55% relative humidity and temperatures between 55-85 degrees. Most important for protecting any quality wood furniture is preventing swings in either humidity or temperature.

Controlling the environment is imperative to maintaining your full warranty. This also prolongs the life of all your furniture and reduces the chance of abnormal failures due to an uncontrolled environment. The customer accepts full responsibility for failures of wood that result from Kuni’s furniture being in environments outside of these parameters.

Kuni Furniture warrants that our furniture will be practical and useful, but cannot guarantee the product will be free of character variation & changes inherent in natural wood with unique grain patterns. We at Kuni are willing to accept these facts in order to enjoy wood with character.